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Online hate speech targeting Muslim women in India further uncovers the right wing–Big Tech nexus.
Increasing the minimum marriage age is not just tokenistic, but harmful.
By linking Aadhaar with electoral roll data, the constitutional essence of universal adult franchise is vitiated.
The misuse of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act suggests that it deserves to be completely rewritten or scrapped.
Strategic projection of democratic credentials appears to be driven by the urge to reassert US hegemonic interests.
The NFHS -5 hides more than it reveals on the demographic and health indicators.
Misconceptions about money, like those during notebandi , define ideas on cryptocurrency and banking.
The euphoria around the COVID -19 vaccination milestones conceals misdirected priorities and incomplete goals.
The NEET institutes an ecosystem of exclusivity and skews the composition of those who can access medical education.
The long-term costs of quasi-alignment with the United States need to be assessed by the Government of India.
The labour codes reveal less consultation and more government assertion at the expense of workers.
India can only wait patiently and watch the situation in Afghanistan before initiating any action.
The Taliban takeover cannot be understood outside the hegemonic economic and geopolitical interests.
Criminalisation of sedition is normatively inconsistent with the value framework of democracy.
The bill regulating the use of DNA technology callously enters a very sensitive terrain.


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