Ambedkar in 2021, Episode 7: Notes on Reading Ambedkar

In this episode, we speak to Gopal Guru about reading Dr Ambedkar.

From academic writing to social media, Dr Ambedkar’s scholarship and actions are receiving renewed attention due to the efforts by Dalit-Bahujan scholars and thinkers. This special programme produced by EPW is one specific example of this.

Our guest today has been writing on Dr Ambedkar for several decades, and has more recently focused on frameworks on how to read Ambedkar. Professor Gopal Guru is currently the editor of EPW, and was formerly professor at the Centre for Political Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

We will be discussing several works including “Ethics of Reading Ambedkar’s Text” and Guru's lecture at the English and Foreign Languages University from 2017, which was documented by the publication Dalit Camera.

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