Research Radio Ep 20: Are Teachers Responsible for India’s Bad Public Education System?

In this episode, we speak to Protiva Kundu about the state of Indian public education and the National Education Policy, 2020. 

Government school teachers are often blamed for the poor state of public education in India. Some scholars and commentators claim that they are incompetent, absent from classrooms, and overpaid, particularly when compared to teachers in the private sector. We’ll investigate if this is true.

Protiva Kundu joins us on Research Radio to discuss the state of India’s public education system by focusing on teachers. Dr Kundu is with the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability where she leads research on the financing of education. We’ll discuss her EPW article where she analyses data from six states to understand if teachers are the ones who are letting our system down. In the second half of the podcast, we’ll also discuss the landmark National Education Policy that was published last year and we’ll focus on its impact on teachers.


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