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Managing Water

Planning and Management of Water Resources: Lessons from Two Decades of Early Implementation Projects, Bangladesh edited by Anjan K Datta; The University Press, Dhaka, 1999; pp xxiii + 172, Taka 450.

West Bengal - Floods: Avoidable Tragedy

Time and again, floods have wreaked havoc in the regions of Malda and Midnapore in West Bengal. The tragedy, entirely a man-made one, could have been averted by a responsive and alert government, sensitive to ecological considerations. Instead, even as little or no effort is made to dredge the river bottom or prevent erosion, distribution of relief after the floods, follows extremely partisan lines.

Political Reconstruction of Bangladesh-Reflections on Building a New State in the Seventies

This paper seeks to point out certain general lessons that we have learnt prom the last 25 years of experience in regard to state and nation building in the "Third World".

Perspective for Economic Development of Bangladesh

The objective of this paper is to examine the possibility of Bangladesh achieving self-sustained growth for its economy, and its likely relations with the Indian economy in this context.

BANGLADESH-Aftermath of Stagnation

BANGLADESH Aftermath of Stagnation P C Verma DURING the last 24 years, while Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan, its economy stagnated. The economic policy pursued by the central government of Pakistan kept it economically backward. An analysis of the manner in which the economic policy of the central government of Pakistan was pursued may be necessary to assess the prospects for the future development of the now independent Bangladesh.


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