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Ukraine: From the Impasse to a Negotiated Settlement?

Ukraine, egged on by the West, continues to fight an unwinnable war with disastrous effects on its people, the armed forces, the economy, and the future of Ukrainian society. Recent statements by European leaders and growing dissatisfaction about the economic situation indicate that it may be more prudent to achieve a political settlement of this war of attrition.

What Ails the Urban in the ‘Emerging Economies?’

Urban Housing, Livelihoods and Environmental Challenges in Emerging Economies edited by Rajesh Bhattacharya and Annapurna Shaw, Orient BlackSwan, 2021; pp xviii + 418, `1,535 (paperback).

Leveraging Trade in High Technology for Emergence

The emerging strength of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa in high-technology trade is examined. Trends in high-technology trade in BRICS are reviewed, highlighting the hugely disproportionate contribution from China in trade in high-technology products, primarily driven by information technology products. Subsequently, trade in ITP is analysed as a special case and the relevance of the Information Technology Agreement 1 in influencing production and trade of ITP has been discussed focusing on experiences of China and India (against the performance of traditional players in this category). The ITA 2 and its rationale are introduced. The

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