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Of Feminist Selves and Politics

Changing the Subject: Feminist and Queer Politics in Neoliberal India by Srila Roy, Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2022; pp 273, $26.95.

Who Is Afraid of Pakistan’s Aurat March?

Pakistan’s women are marching against patriarchy, but what is their destination and who is standing in their way? The Aurat March of 2019 faced severe backlash from both conservative as well as like-minded quarters, on account of some hard-hitting slogans and jabs raised against prevalent masculinist social norms. These have brought to the fore some paradoxes within feminist politics, which merit resolution for the sake of the emergence of stronger feminist politics in Pakistan.

Being and Identity

Anthropological Explorations in Gender: Intersecting Fields by Leela Dube; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2001; pp 268, Rs 425.

Feminist Theorising and Politics

Gender and Politics in India, Nivedita Menon (ed); Oxford University Press, New Delhi, pp 539, Rs 650.

Sexual Violence and Predicament of Feminist Politics in Kerala

In the run up to the assembly elections in Kerala, the Left government made pointed effort to focus on the women's issues especially in terms of their gains through such new initiatives as its decentralised development programme. On the other hand, it dithered in taking action on issues that were agitating women across the state as for instance on the several incidents of sexual violence all of which involved directly or indirectly the use of political clout against women. This essay is a beginning towards understanding the 'possibilities' of autonomous feminist politics in the state and emerging Left perspectives on women's issues, specifically in the context of the issue of the agitation around the cases of sexual harassment.

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