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Wildlife Protection : Lions and the State

The government of Gujarat, the only state where the Asiatic lion now survives, has opposed the central government's Rs 68-crore plan to move the lions in the Gir forest to a new home Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat's intransigence may well put in jeopardy a longterm plan, approved in the international wildlife conservation circles, to repopulate old habitats with species that were native to it thereby allowing for further healthy and secure growth of the endangered animal populations....

Weak at the Base

More than 15,000 are feared to have perished in the earthquake which spread across Gujarat and neighbouring areas from an epicentre near Bhuj on Friday morning. And the count has only just begun. As we go to press less than 48 hours after first tremors were felt, all systems are only just getting out of the stunned stupor. But it is already evident that the magnitude of destruction far exceeds the devastation caused by the Latur earthquake in 1993. Measuring a disputed 6.7 on the Richter scale (foreign meteorological laboratories have registered a higher intensity), the earthquake has almost razed entire districts to the ground. Bhuj, the worst hit, has been completely isolated, with no communication links working. While there will eventually, sooner rather than later, be put in place a management plan and programme for the rescue and reconstruction work, as yet the scene is one of utter confusion and desperate hope.

Communal Riots, 2000

The year 2000 witnessed several communal riots in diverse parts of India. These remained localised and did not result in the largescale devastation that had marked the riots of 1992-93. However, their occurrence should serve as a continual reminder that very often, innocuous incidents like a property dispute can easily take on communal colour; communal divides too can be easily stirred up by vested interests. More unfortunate has been the response of the civil authorities - who have either been accused of sheltering miscreants or else their response has been seen as belated and reactive.


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