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India-Sri Lanka Trade

The Free Trade Agreement between India and Sri Lanka, though in a positive direction, does not address the issue of transaction costs that emanates from the transacting environment. Analysing the characteristics of formal and informal trading between India and Sri Lanka the study shows that transaction costs in formal trading are higher than for informal trading and suggests that lowering transaction costs in formal trade could enhance trade between the two countries.

Natural Rubber in Post-QRs Regime

The impact of the trade control measures on natural rubber imposed last year, though still too early to discern, must be seen in the context of the removal of quantitative restrictions on imports and the liberalised trade regime in place over the past decade.

Life after QRs

In the sixties in Custom Houses all over the country, particularly in Calcutta (as it then was), there were two Red Books: Mao's Red Book and the Import Policy Book. With the change in the political equation between the Chinese Communist Party and that section of communists in India, import of Mao's Red Book died a natural death. And now, with the demise of quantitative restrictions and other import controls, the other Red Book too has met with a similar fate. No tears need be shed for it.

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