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India in Quasi Alignment with the United States

China remains the most significant factor that strengthens the ties between the United States and India.

Skidding Down the Strategic Slope

While Modi's recent visit to the United States locks India in a tight strategic embrace with the US, the Chinese will not take kindly to India embracing US policy in the South and East China seas. India's inability to make headway with China will exacerbate the costs of furthering this misshapen relationship. A clear and open debate is imperative to weigh the costs and benefits of Indo-US relations.

Unshackle India's Strategic Thinking

As India is all set to ink the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with the United States, it must revisit its history while formulating the current policy of military-to-military ties with the US. India's strategy must address the issue of freedom from Western thought and question imperial alignments ingrained in such defence agreements.

Calcutta Diary

The minister for justice in Germany can compare George W Bush with Adolf Hitler, irrespective of consequences. We cannot tell off even a mere assistant secretary of the US government when he pitches a peremptory demand. That is what defines compradordom.

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