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Brexit and the Future of the UK

Brexit is a Conservative Party policy-idea that got out of hand. The collapse of the centrist and liberal Tory leadership created a vacuum for hardliners within the party, in the right-wing media, and in other smaller parties to occupy that space, and call for the reinvigoration of British exceptionalism through Brexit. Unfortunately, a political and constitutional crisis besets the United Kingdom, reducing the reality of British exceptionalism to Little England isolationism.

Movements and Mediators

No struggle or social movement in these days of interconnectivity and brand imaging can hope to operate in isolation. They both attract and seek to involve specialist interlocutors. That is possibly the only, at least a prime, way by which movements seek to expand their domain of influence, carve out hearing space in a world otherwise unconcerned about or insensitive to their specific set of concerns, alter the terms of discourse, and thereby advance their cause. These relationships/engagements, at the same time, can both enlarge or constrain social spaces and have significant implications for the trajectory of the movement, if not its very nature.

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