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M Kunhaman (1949–2023)

M Kunhaman consciously rooted himself in the tradition of the scientific method initiated by Jotirao Phule and B R Ambedkar from a caste/subaltern point of view. The continuing influence of his work on tribal communities in Kerala and intra-regional economic analysis is such that it can be considered as a marker that divides the historiography and research on the Adivasis of Kerala into two—works which came before it and works hich came after.

A Remarkable Life

Dhruba Narayan Ghosh, a distinguished citizen of India, passed away on 7 November 2023, in Kolkata, at the age of 95. At the time of independence, in 1947, he was just about 19 years old. The next 75 years turned out to be a remarkable life in our times of an extraordinary person who contributed so much to the public domain in economy and society. It is sad news and an irreparable loss for his family, friends, colleagues and admirers, who span a wide spectrum of age and straddle the vast geographical spread of India. He was held in great esteem by his peers and much admired by the young. Dhruba Ghosh was a man of many parts—a superb civil servant, a distinguished corporate leader, an innovative banker, a builder of institutions, a natural leader, a scholar, a columnist—with a razor-sharp mind—and, most importantly, a concerned citizen. For me, he was a close friend for more than four decades. And I have not quite come to terms with the reality that he has left us.

Lahori Ram Balley (1930–2023)

As a committed follower of B R Ambedkar’s vision, Lahori Ram Balley (1930–2023) devoted his life to advancing the cause of social justice and equality. He passed away at 93, leaving behind a legacy of activism and leadership that inspired many in Punjab and beyond

Aijaz Ahmad (1941–2022)

A tribute to the departed scholar looks at his immense contributions to literary criticism, world politics, and Marxist theory and brings out the consistent underlying thread of principled political commitment to the working-class politics.


Pradip Kumar Bose (1946–2021)

This article sadly remembers Pradip Kumar Bose, the distinguished social scientist admired and valued by generations of scholars. We have lost him, in the unsparing second wave of Covid-19, on 29 May 2021. An engagement with his ideas and work, while always incomplete, could be a sincere gesture of remembering him. I keep in mind the impossibility of outlining his expansive oeuvre within the scope of an article. This makes one sad and hesitant.


Siddalingaiah (1954–2021)

The literary journey of Siddalingaiah as well as the trajectory of his creative experiments and activism are narrated.

Tajamul Haque’s Life Crusade for Inclusive Land Rights

The legacy of Tajamul Haque in contributing towards land rights in India is elaborated upon. As a people’s economist and courageous bureaucrat, he devoted his life and work to land reforms in India.

Dadaji Khobragade

In a life that epitomised the struggles of the small Indian farmer, Dadaji Khobragade, the prolific rice breeder and farmer, strove against all odds to practise and uphold the core of traditional farming.

Ashok Mitra (1928–2018)

Ashok Mitra remained arekrakam (of another kind), insisting that the left could only survive and thrive if it does not abandon its ideology and principled politics. This Arekrakam legacy he leaves behind—als0 in the form of the journal he established by the same name—will remain a powerful inspiration for all efforts to resuscitate and rejuvenate the left movement in Bengal and elsewhere.

Speaking Truth to Power

A fellow economist reminisces about the personality traits and contributions of Ashok Mitra, a towering intellectual of his time, thereby revealing his powerful and multifaceted persona.

A Life of Rare Richness

A fellow economist and friend looks back at Ashok Mitra's intellectual contributions and the wide range of his experiences, associations, and interests. 

B B Bhattacharya (1945–2017)

Barid Baran Bhattacharya, BB to his colleagues and friends, passed away on 14 February 2017. His sad and untimely demise has been painful to those of us who had worked closely with him over the years.


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