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Accumulation and Labour Process in Tea Plantations in South India

Agolamooladhanavum Dakshinenthiyaile Thottamthozhilaalikalum (Global Capital and Peripheral Labour: The History and Political Economy of Plantation Workers in India) by
K Ravi Raman, translated into Malayalam by Rajendran Cherupoyka, Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Bhasha Institute, 2022; pages and price not indicated.

Women Who Persisted Nevertheless

Fleeting Agencies: A Social History of Indian Coolie Women in British Malaya by Arunima Datta, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Global South Asians), pp 240, 1,099.

Plantation Workers and the OSHWC Code, 2020

Welfare provisions for plantation workers in the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020 are subject to how respective state governments frame rules and can have wide variations too. A basic standard template from the central government would have been better, preventing wide variations, as well as ensuring a basic threshold. Further, there is a need to recognise the use of technology in ensuring better occupational safety and health outcomes.


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