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Rent Generation, Social Networks and Urban Transformation in Minority-dominant Neighbourhoods of Kolkata

Rent generation activities and social networks crafted through urban transformation in Tiljala and Topsia, prominent low-income and minority-dominant neighbourhoods in south-east Kolkata, have shaped a precarious existence for the settlers, fragile informal livelihoods and housing access. Social networks of varied state and non-state actors driving rent generation illustrate how increasing slum verticalisation produces an urban landscape characterised by political “monopolisation,” fragmented infrastructure and environmental vulnerability. This transformation raised on a scaffold of precarity, anxiety, and risk brings up critical questions about its legal future and governance implications in the city’s poor and low-income settlements.

Social Networks, Job Search Flexibility, Employability, and Mobility of Migrant Workers

This paper examines the job-seeking behaviour, various traits of labour employability, and the nature of mobility to achieve employment aspirations of the North East migrant workers in Bengaluru. It shows that migrants extensively use social networks for finding employment. The use of social networks and flexibility in job search shortens the waiting period. Their skill levels and the major factors that influence their hiring are discussed in detail.

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