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Impact of the Kerala Congress(M) on the Left Democratic Front

The Kerala Congress(M) holds the capacity to alter the equilibrium of coalition politics in Kerala. However, for the Left Democratic Front to benefit from the KC(M)’s entry into its fold, an extended harmonious partnership at the grassroots level is necessary.

Changing Voting Behaviour in Kerala Elections

In Kerala, a state with its time-tested social and political tradition which seeks to bind all sections of people together, irrespective of religion or caste, the emergence of the National Democratic Alliance as an alternative to the two mainstream political fronts had its repercussions among a section of the minorities. The fluctuation in the voting preferences signals the crisis the Left Democratic Front is facing. Except for the extremely poor, all other socio-economic groups, including Dalits, Other Backward Castes, the lower classes and the younger generation, are highly volatile and are changing their political preferences, depending on the unfolding social reality.


Elections in Kerala have always involved bipolar contests and the anti-incumbency factor is widely expected to favour the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) this year. But the present election also holds out scope for interesting speculation. With the spectre of infighting still haunting the Congress and the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) confident of its substantial head start, the BJP notwithstanding its almost non-existent presence in the state, could also be expected to spring a few surprises.

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